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Urovize – Urology Clinic, Prague 5 – Barrandov


About us

We offer a comprehensive care of your urological health. We provide highly specialized acute and preventive care. We conduct specialized examinations. Our approach is always individual and discrete.

UroVize builds on a long urological practice of MD. Otakar Mareš, which began in the 1990‘s here in Barrandov.

We accept new patients.



We offer a comprehensive urological outpatient care. We provide both acute and preventive health care to our patients.

At UroVize we perform the following examinations:

– Cystoscopy

– Uroflowmetry

– Urodynamic testing

– Prostate biopsy


UroVize Pricelist

Complex examination 1.000 CZK
Complex examination including sonography 1.200 CZK
Complex preventive examination: complex examination, ultrasound examination, uroflowmetry, urine test + basic laboratory tests including Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test 2.600 CZK
Follow-up examination 500 CZK
Consultation á 10 min. 400 CZK
Ultrasound examination of pelvic organs and kidneys 400 CZK
Ultrasound examination of testicles and penis 400 CZK
Trans rectal ultrasound examination of prostate 500 CZK
Cystoscopy (rigid cystoscope) 800 CZK
Cystoscopy (flexible cystoscope) 1.500 CZK
Uroflowmetry 200 CZK
Urodynamic examination 2.500 CZK
Prostate biopsy (histological analysis not included) 1.800 CZK
BTA stat test – examination of urine for bladder tumor 1.600 CZK
PCA3 test – genetic testing for risk of prostate cancer 8.000 CZK


Contact information


Urology clinic

Poliklinika Barrandov (2nd floor)

Krškova 807/21, Prague 5

Tel.: +420 251 810 050
Mob.: +420 778 400 727